The Best Espresso Flavors and Blends

As you probably already know, espresso is a form of coffee that is highly concentrated in powder form that is brewed in a way that extracts every ounce of flavor from the coffee beans.

While regular coffee is brewed by adding ground coffee beans to a paper filter and letting water drip through the machine, espresso on the other hand is prepared by forced water pressure. Since there is so much pressure applied to the coffee, it is imperative that the beans are ground up fine enough to make a compact “puck” of espresso coffee so that the water can be forced through it.

That method of brewing coffee is what produces the espresso shot experience. Ratings and reviews of some of the best espresso machines you can buy can be found here

Preparing espresso in this manner requires a special blend and roast level of coffee. Using a specially designed espresso machine, you are able to extract the full amount of the coffee’s aroma and flavor. A regular coffee maker cannot produce this.

A great way to extract even more intense flavor is to only buy specialty roasted espresso coffee beans from top grade sources. One of the best types is Arabica coffee beans and it is something you should look for when shopping for a blend. We’ll go into other tasty espresso flavors below.

Photo of an espresso drink

When trying to brew espresso at home it is imperative that you have a high quality machine in your kitchen. A well built espresso maker is a great investment and is something that can last you a lifetime if properly maintained. If you’re looking for an inexpensive espresso machine check out this free guide

Types of espresso machines include:

  • Automatic – Simple, push button devices that utilize coffee capsules. Easy to use and no mess clean up.
  • Semi-Automatic – You control the amount of water pulled with each shot and can adjust the grind size of your coffee beans and tamping compactness
  • Super-Automatic – Top-of-the-line machines that include a bean grinder that takes espresso from bean to cup at the touch of a button. Also allows you to change various settings that go into each aspect of making espressos, cappuccinos and lattes.

Some Wonderful Gourmet Espressos include:

  • Italian Espresso: This is a classic dark roast blend of espresso from Italy that provides an intense flavor so many people have come to enjoy. A great way to spice it up is the add sugar or cream (or both) and a twist of lemon. The acidity of the lemon really helps to bring out more of the flavors in this blend.
  • Italian Espresso (Decaf): For those of you who can’t have caffeine or would rather enjoy a late night cappuccino or latte without the buzz, this decaffeinated espresso blend is perfect. It is made with authentic Arabica beans and is just as flavorful as the full strength version.
  • Spanish Espresso: If you’re the type of person that loves heavy, robust espresso that is full of flavor you should try a Spanish blend. It is one of the finest grades of Arabica coffee that continues to top the list of espresso connoisseurs. If you haven’t already tried it, do yourself a favor and make a cup.
  • Vienna Roast Espresso: Not every espresso drinker loves a heavy, rich, bold flavor and so this type of roast is a great substitute. It is medium to dark roast and appeals to those coffee lovers who have a softer palate. It brews to a rich and smooth intensity that’s perfect for any time of the day.

Would you rather have a cappuccino than a shot of espresso?

If so, choose any of the roasts above and just prepare it by using a double shot of espresso and using the milk frothing wand on your espresso machine. If it doesn’t include one you can purchase a separate wand for cheap online.

Want to kick that drink up to a mocha latte? Just add in some chocolate syrup, top with whipped cream and enjoy! As mentioned before, this is a great resource for you to find an espresso maker for your kitchen at David and Max’s website. If you’re in the market for a pod espresso machine be sure to check out

If you have any questions about these blends of coffee and want to try them before you make a big investment on a 1lb bag, stop by our cafe for a sample. We have over 100 different varieties in total in a combination of the flavors we mentioned above. We’re sure you’ll find the perfect blend for your tastes buds!